Bowl holder for cats, size S


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Country chic style cat bowl holder.

Having a cat or several cats means reorganizing your lifestyle.
So why not have your pet's needs reflect your personal style?

Our bowl holder is raised to a comfortable height for our cat.
It is available in multiple sizes for multiple bowls to please your cat / cats.

The bowl holder was conceived with the idea of ​​green design to safeguard the environment.
Old wood recovered from mason's scaffolding has been brushed and worked in such a way that the veins, cracks and knots remain visible and perceptible to the touch but with its natural water and beeswax finish, it remains smooth and easy to clean .

The bowls of 11 cm in diameter are made of stainless steel. They can be washed in the dishwasher.

As each piece is handcrafted, the wood can change in shape, cracks and knots but not in quality.

Please contact for more information.

Its dimensions:

Its length:
35 cm (2 bowls)
54 cm (3 bowls)
72 cm (4 bowls)
90 cm (5 bowls)

Its depth is 17/18 cm.
Its height is 10 cm.

Materials: wood, aluminum bowls, screws, color, natural wax.
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