Wooden monitor stand, height 8 cm


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Reclaimed wood monitor stand.

The wooden support of 221 lab aims to increase the quality of the work. It is raised in such a way that we sit in the correct sitting position for the eyes, neck and shoulders. It also helps keep your workplace or study well organized.
The rise was conceived with the idea of ​​green design to safeguard the environment.
It uses old woods recovered from mason's scaffolding. the wood has been brushed and worked in such a way that the veins, cracks and knots remain visible and perceptible to the touch. With its water-based finish and natural beeswax, it stays smooth and easy to clean.

Each processed board will be different from the previous one and each one will have its own characteristic of machining marks, cutting blade, old nail holes and splits of the aging of the wood.
Each edge will be irregular leaving the characteristic of the aged board.

Its dimensions:

Variable length from 40 to 70 cm
Depth of about 22 cm
Height of 8 cm
Thickness about 4.3 cm

The space available under the shelf is less than the length of the shelf.
If you buy a rise of:

40 cm you will have 30 cm available
50 cm you will have 40 cm available
60 cm you will have 50 cm available
70 cm you will have 60 cm available

The height of the space under the mezzanine varies according to the height selected.

With the 8 cm rise you will have about 3.5 cm available
With the 12 cm rise you will have about 7.5 cm available

2 colors available: Rustic OAK, Rustic NUT
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